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(1) Humphrey de Bohun I, (a descendant of King David I, of Scotland) is said to have been a kinsman and companion in arms of William The Conqueror and is generally known as "Humphrey with the Beard". His son was; (2) Humphrey de Bohun II, The Great, by command of King William Rufus, married Maud, daughter of Edward d'Evereux, progenitor of the ancient Earls of Salisbury, through which marriage he acquired large estate in Wiltshire, was Sheriff of Wiltshire and Bearer of the Royal standard in 1120 in the Battle of Benneville in Normandy, his son; (3) Humphrey de Bohun III, was Steward to King Henry I, married Margery, daughter of Milo de Gloucester, Earl of Hereford, Lord High Constable of England, whose Charter was the earliest of express creation, the patent being dated in 1140. His son; (4) Humphrey de Bohun IV, Earl of Hereford and hereditary Constable of England, married Margaret of Huntingdon, daughter of Henry, Prince of Scotland and Earl of Huntingdon, born 1080, died 1153, the son of King David I of Scotland, (called St. Davie I) and whose wife was Matilda (died 1131), daughter of Waltheof, Earl of Northumberland. The son of Humphrey de Bohun IV and his wife, Margaret of Huntingdon, was;

(5) ***HENRY DE BOHUN, Magna Charta Surety, who became the first Earl of Hereford of that family, being so created by Charter of King John, dated April 28, 1199, but the office of Lord High Constable of England he inherited from his father,

***HENRY DE BOHUN, the Surety, took a prominent part with the Barons against King John and his lands were confiscated, but he received them again at the granting of MAGNA CHARTA. He had been excommunicated by the Pope, with the other Barons, and did not return to his allegiance on the death of King John, but was one of the commanders in the Army of Louis le Dauphin at the Battle of Lincoln, and was taken prisoner by WILLIAM MARSHALL. After this defeat, he joined Saire de Quincey and other Magna Charta Barons in a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1220, and died on the passage 1 June 1220. By his first wife, Maud Fitzgeoffrey (daughter of Geoffrey Fitzpiers, Baron de Mandeville, Earl of Essex in 1199, and Justiciary of England) he had a son; (6) Humphrey de Bohun V, second Earl of Hereford and Constable of England, born before 1208 and created Earl of Essex in 1228, appointed Constable of Dover Castle, 1238 to 1241, was also Sheriff of Kent, 1238 to 1241, and in 1250 was among those who took the Cross. He and his elder son, Humphrey, had license to hunt hare, fox, cat, and other wild beasts in the forests of Bradon and Savernake, Wiltshire. He was one of fifteen chosen to advise the King on all Points. He was also one of the twelve elected by the Barons to represent the community in three anual parliaments, was one of the keepers of the City of London in 1265. He married first, Maud, daughter of Rooul de Lusignan, Count of Eu, in right of his wife, Alice, and had a daughter; (7) Alice Bohun, married Ralph de Tone (Toeni), a lineal descendant of Ralph de Tone (Toeni), Lord of Toni in Normandy. They had a daughter; (8) Alice Toni, who married Guy de Beauchamp. Their son; (9) Thomas de Beauchamp, aforesaid, who married Catherine Mortimer in 1337 (Magna Charta pp. 51, 52, 53, 225) had a daughter, Philippa de Beauchamp, aforesaid, who married Hugh de Stafford, and they had a daughter;

(Gen. No. 135) Lady Margaret de Stafford, who married, as his first wife, Ralph de Nevill, born about 1363 , died October 21, 1425, Knight of the Garter, Fourth Baron Neville of Raby, first Earl of Westmoreland in 1397. (Note: The second wife of Ralph Neville, husband of Lady Margaret, was Joan Beaufort, daughter of John of Gaunt and Granddaughter of King Edward III. (Magna Charta, P. 74.) Ralph De Nevill, Fourth Baron of Raby, was the descendant of two Magna Charta SURETY



***WILLIAM MALET, the relationship as follows:


(1) JOHN de BURGO, feudal lord of Tourborough, or Tonsburgh, in Normandy; was commanding general in the Norman army of William the Conqueror; governor of the chief burghs or towns in Normandy; was also the titular Earl of Comyn, his son; (2) EUSTACHE de BURGO, lord of Tonsburgh, was the father of (3) JOHN MONOCULUS, (one eye) de BURGO, governor of Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland for Henry; brother of Serle de Burgo, who erected Knaresborough Castle. He married Magdalen; their son (4) EUSTACHE FITZJOHN de BURGO, (who built the castle). He was one of the wealthiest of the feudal lords, through his marriages with two heiresses; was one of the most powerful and influential of the northern feudal barons, and a favorite of King Henry I. He married first, the heiress of the de Vesci family; married, second, Agnes daughter and heiress of William Fitznigel, feudal lord of Halton Castle, by whom he had; (5) RICHARD (ROBERT) FITZEUSTANCE, feudal lord of Halton Castle and Constable of Chester; married Albreda Lisours. Their son; (6) ROGER FITZRICHARD, third son, who was granted by King Henry II the lordship of Warkwith, in Northumberland; married Alice, or Adeliza, daughter of Alberic de Vere, great high chamberlain of England; their only son; (7) ROBERT FITZROGER, was thrice high sheriff of each of the counties of Northumberland, Norfolk and Suffolk; married Margaret, only child of William de Cheney, lord of Horsford, Norfolk. He died in 1240 and his son;

(8) ***JOHN FITZROBERT, the SURETY, succeeded him. At the time of the meeting of the barons at Saint Edmundsbury, this baron was still loyal to King John, but subsequently he joined in the insurrection, and took such a prominent part that his lands were seized by the king and confiscated. Returning to his allegiance in the next reign, his castles and vast estates were returned to him, and he was constituted by King Henry III, high sheriff of county of Northumberland and governor of New-Castle-upon-Tyne; he died in 1240, married Ada Baliol, and by her had; (9) ROGER FITZJOHN, lord of Warkworth and Clavering; married Isabel, and died in 1249. Their son; (10) ROBERT FITZROGER CLAVERING; eminent in the battle of Falkirk and other memorable conflicts; married Margaret Zouche, Their daughter; (11) ANASTASIA FITZROBERT, (known also as Euphemia Clavering) became the wife of Ralph de Neville. Their son; (12) RALPH de NEVILLE, second baron, who in the time of his father, was retained by indenture to serve the Lord Henry Percy for life, in peace and war, against all men except the king. His wife was Alice Audley. among the six sons and five daughters of Ralph de Neville and his wife, Alice Audley, were Margaret, wife of Henry Percy Earl of Northumberland, and, (13) JOHN de NEVILLE, third baron, who, when scarcely five years of age, was carried by his father to witness the battle of Durham. He was constantly in active service, either in France or Scotland and was made a Knight of the Garter by King Edward. He married, first, Maud, daughter of Henry, Lord Percy, and their eldest son was; (14) RALPH de NEVILL, fourth baron, who in the 21st of King Richard II was made Constable of the Tower of London, and shortly afterwards advanced by the parliament to the dignity of Earl of Westmoreland; was afterwards governor of the town and castle of Carlisle, warden of the West Marshes towards Scotland, and Governor of Roxborough. He was also a Knight of the Garter, died in 1425, and married, as aforesaid, Margaret, daughter of HUGH, Earl Stafford, K.G. The daughter of RALPH de NEVILL, fourth baron, and Lady Margaret de Stafford, was Lady Margaret de Nevill. (See Later)

The PERCY Genealogy of Ralph de Nevill, fourth Baron, is also given; (1) MANFRED a DANE, who before 876 gained possessions near Villedieu, Cotinin, France, his son; (2) GALFRID, assisted Rollo in conquest of Normandy; his son; 930 WILLIAM, his son, (4) GEOFFREY, his son; (5) WILLIAM, his son; (6) GEOFFREY, Sire de Percy, Governor of Normandy in absence of William the Conqueror, his son; (7) WILLIAM with the Whiskers, Crusader, first Lord Percy, friend and companion to William the Conqueror, born 1030, died 1096 at Jerusalem. William was Domesday tenant-in-child of three ridings of Yorkshire. He married Emma de Port, his son; (8) ALAN de PERCY, 2nd Lord Percy, was born 1069, died around 1130/35; married Emma Gant, his son; (9) WILLIAM de PERCY, was born in 1112; died 1174/75; about 1136, married first, Alice Clare (Adeliza de Tonebridge); his daughter; (10) AGNES de PERCY, born 1134; died 1202/04; married Jocelin of Louvain, who assumed the name of Percy; died in 1180. Jocelin was a brother-in-law of King Henry I. The son of Agnes de Percy and Jocelin Louvain was; (11) SIR HENRY PERCY, KNIGHT, born in 1160, and died around 1193/98; married Isabel de Brus, their son; (12) WILLIAM PERCY, 6th BARON PERCY, was born in 1193 and died on 28 July 1245. About 1233, he married, second, Ellen (Eleanor) Baliol, who died on 22 November 1281.

***Their son; (13) SIR HENRY PERCY, 7th BRON PERCY was born about 1235; died on 29 August 1272. On 8 September 1268, he married Eleanor Warren, who was born in 1251 and was loving in 1282, his son; (14) SIR HENRY PERCY, KNIGHT 9th BARON of PERCY, 1st Lord Percy of alnwick, Constable of Scarborough, Justice of the forest beyond Trent, was born about 25 March 1272/73 and died on 10 October 1314/15; married Eleanor Fitzalan, who died in August, 1328; their daughter; (15) MAUD PERCY, aforesaid, married John de Nevill, who died in 1300, and their son; (16) RALPH de NEVILL, fourth Baron, married the aforesaid Margaret de Stafford.



(1) WILLIAM, Lord Malet, a Norman Baron, one of the generals and companions of William the Coqueror, said to have been entrusted with the guard of King Harold's body after the King had been slain on the battlefield. After the conquest he was made Governor of York Castle and was slain in its defense about 1071; married Hesilia Crispin, their son; (2) GILBERT MALET, left a son; (3) ROBERT MALET, who before 1130 acquired the brony of Curry Malet in Co. Somerset; died before 1155, his son; (4) WILLIAM MALET, baron of Curry Malet, who had other estates as well in Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Suffolk; was steward to King Henry II and died in 1169/70, his son; (5) GILBERT MALET, was also steward to King Henry II and baron of Curry Malet; married Alice, daughter of Ralph Picot, Sheriff of Kent. Their son,

(6) ***WILLIAM MALET, the SURETY, whose principal estate was Curry Malet; sheriff of the counties of Somerset and Dorset 1210-1214. He had his lands in four counties confiscated when joined with the Barons against King John and they were given to his son-in- law, Hugh de Vivonia and to his father-in-law, Thomas Basset, and Malet was excommunicated by the Pope. It is interesting to note that there were five contemporary relatives named "William Malet" and they all held lands in England or in Jersey. The Surety died 1217, having married Mabel, also called Alice, daughter of Thomas Basset, of Headington. Their daughter; (7) MABEL MALET, married Hugh de Vivonia, Baron of Chewton and steward of Poitou, their son; (8) WILLIAM de VIVONIA de FORTIBUS, married Maud Ferrers and a daughter; (9) JOAN VIVONIA, died before 1314, married Reynolds de Fitzpiers, their daughter; (10) ELEANOR FITZPIERS, married William Martin, who fought in the Scottish wars and was summoned to parliament as a Baron 23 June 1295, to 10 October 1325. Their daughter; (11) JOAN MARTIN, who, as the widow of Henry de Lacie, Earl of Lincoln, was married without license in 1312 to Nicholas Audley of Heleigh Co. Stafford, born 11 November 1289. He died in 1316 at the age of 27 years. His widow died before 1 August 1322. Issue; their daughter; (12) ALICE AUDLEY, married Ralph de Nevill, second Baron; their son John de Nevill, third Baron, married Maud, daughter of Henry, Lord Percy; their son Ralph de Nevill, fourth Baron, married first, Margaret, daughter of Hugh, Earl Stafford, aforesaid

(NOTE: On a Chart made by John S. Wurts for the "Silver Jubilee", which Chart was published in a booklet giving the proceedings of a meeting of the National Magna Charta Dames; the Chart, made in the shape of a covered dish, or Soup Tureen, showing the inter-relationship of a number of the

MAGNA CHARTA SURETY Barons and members of other nobility and Royalty; the indication seems to be that the ALICE AUDLEY, who married RALPH de NEVILLE, second Baron, was the daughter of the aforesaid (immediately above) JOAN MARTIN and NICHOLAS AUDLEY. However, on p. 74 Wurts' Magna Charta, shows that the said ALICE AUDLEY, who married RALPH de NEVILLE, second Baron, was the daughter of HUGH AUDLEY. )

The daughter of Lady Margaret de Stafford and Ralph de NevillE, fourth Baron, was;

(Generation No. 136) LADY MARGARET DE NEVILLE, died 1463. She married first, Baron Scrope, Third Baron of Bolton, of Royal descent. He died at Rouen 29 August 1420. Their son; (Generation No. 137) SIR HENRY le SCROPE, (died 1439), 4th Baron Scrope of Bolton, married Elizabeth, daughter of Baron John Scrope of Marsham and Upsal. Their daughter;

(Generation No. 138) LADY MARGARET le SCROPE, married John Bernard (1437 ----) Abingdon, Northamptonshire, England. Their son;

(Generation No. 139) JOHN BERNARD, (1469-1508) of Abingdon, England, married Margaret, daughter of John Daundelyn. Their son;

(Generation No. 140) JOHN BERNARD, (1491-1549) of Abingdon, England, married Cicely, daughter of John Mussscote, of the Earls of Barton. Their son;

(Generation No. 141) FRANCIS BERNARD, (1530-1609) of Abingdon, England, married Alice, daughter of John Hazelwood. Their son;

(Generation No. 142) FRANCIS BERNARD, (buried 21 November 1630), of Lingsthrope, Northamptonshire, England, married Mary, daughter of Anthony Woodhouse, of Glasswell. They had; (maybe others)

1. Margaret Bernard (of whom later)

2. William Bernard, born about 1598; came in 1626, to Virginia, "in America".

3. Sir Robert Bernard, Baronet of Brampton Hall, Huntingdonshire, England. He died about 1665; his will probated 1666. The Barony was created 1662; became extinct 1789.

(Generation No. 143) MARGARET BERNARD, daughter of Francis Bernard and Mary Woodhouse, married DANIEL GAINES, son of Thomas Gaines and grandson of Sir John Gaines. They were married in England, and before they came to Virginia, which is shown by headrights granted 1654 and issued to their son, Bernard Gaines, and their daughter, Elizabeth Gaines. He died 1682 and his will, probated 1684 in Rappahannock Co., Virginia (now Richmond), mentions the following children:

1. Elizabeth Gaines, who married Col. John Catlett.

2. Bernard Gaines, who married Martha Taylor (see later)

3. Margaret Gaines, who married Ralph Rowzee

4. Mary Gaines, who married John Smith

Among the four children of Margaret Bernard and Daniel Gaines, listed above, there was one, BERNARD GAINES, wife, Martha Taylor; (To the Bernards were granted the following Coat of Arms - Bernards, Virginia, Richard Bernard, York County, Virginia; "Argent, a Bear, rampansable, muzzled." This Coat of Arms appears on the seal attached to a deed of Richard Bernard, which was recorded in York County, Virginia, Book 1645-9), answering in Burke's to Bernards of Abingdon, Northamptonshire, England: Crest, a demi-bear, muzzled, with motto: "Bear and forbear.") (From MS-Dempsey Monroe Kemp)

(Generation No. 144) BERNARD GAINES, aforesaid, son of Margaret Bernard and Daniel Gaines, married Martha Taylor: Zelle W. Armstrong, of Chattanooga, Tennessee, in her "Notable Southern Families", Vol. I, says;

1. "Sir John Gaines, 1559-1608, of Brecon County, Wales, had a son;

2. Thomas Gaines, who came to Virginia 1620, and had at least one son;

3. Daniel Gaines, son of Thomas and grandson of Sir John Gaines, direct descendant of Bryehan, King of Wales, among whose descendants were Beli (Heli) The Great, emperor of Great Britain; St. David, Patron Saint of Wales, Roderick the Great, from whom descends King George of England, and Llewellyn the Great, last and probably the greatest of Welch Kings (who reigned 1194 to 1240). Captain Daniel Gaines was born about 1623 in England, died about 1683. He made his will in Sittingbourne, Parish, Rappahannock--now Richmond County, Virginia, which was probated 16 October 1684. He was Captain in Virginia Militia in 1680. (See Virginia Colonial Militia, by William Armstrong Crozier (1651-1776). His four children by Margaret Bernard: (1) Elizabeth; (2) Bernard; (3) Margaret; (4) Mary, are mentioned above. BERNARD GAINES married Martha Taylor (as above mentioned), daughter of Col. George Taylor and his first wife, Martha Tomlin. In the will of Colonel George Taylor, probated in Rappahannock Co.--now Richmond Co., Virginia, he mentioned, besides his second wife, Susanah (will probated 7 August 1706), as his legatees, his daughter, Martha Taylor Gaines; her youngest son George Gaines, and her oldest son, Daniel Gaines. (William and Mary Quarterly, Series I, Vol. 17, p. 84.) 2

(Generation No. 145) GEORGE GAINES, son of Bernard Gaines and his wife, Martha Taylor, married Elenor____? He died between 28 April 1726, when he made his will, and 5 June 1726, when his will was probated in Richmond Co., Virginia. (See Will Book No. 2.) In the will he mentioned his brother Daniel Gaines; his son Bernard Gaines II; his wife, "Elenor"; and his daughter Margaret Gaines. (See William and Mary Quarterly, Series I, Vol. 17, p. 187.) The daughter of George Gaines and his wife, Elenor, was;

(Generation No. 146) MARGARET GAINES, married Hon. John Pryor, who moved from Hanover Co., Virginia to Edgecomb Co., North Carolina, where he made his will (in Orange Co., N. C., which was probated in same County in 1772.) He was a member of the North Carolina House of Commons at the time of his death and left his wife and twelve children mentioned in his will; among them his daughter, "MILDRED WOMACK", and his son- in-law "DAVID WOMACK". He named as his Executrix and Executors, his wife, Margaret Pryor, and his sons-in-law William Stone and David Womack.
Of interest to his descendants is the will of the said Hon. John Pryor, of Orange Co., North Carolina:


In the mane of God Amen. I, John Pryor, of North Carolina, Orange county, being unwell, but of perfect sense and memory, but knowing it is appointed once for all men to die, do think proper to make this my last will and testament in manner and form following to-wit: First, I principally yield my soul to God who gave it hoping through the merits of his Dear Son to obtain pardon for all my sins and my Body to be buried in a Christian manner at the discretion of my Executors and what estate it has pleased God to lend me after my just debts be paid, I give and bequeath as follows, to-wit:
ITEM: I give to my son Robert Pryor the tract of land on the head of Aarons Creek in Granville county, being 640 acres and also my negro man named Will and what I have already given him and my account against him on my Book to him and his heirs lawfully begotten by his body forever.
ITEM: I give to my daughter, Rhoda Stone, my negro man named Pompy and two cows and calves, one feather bed and furniture, one mare and saddle which estate she has already received to her and her heirs forever.
ITEM: I give to my daughter, Elizabeth Flournoy, all that I have already given to her and Twenty pounds as borrowed of me to her and her heirs forever.
ITEM: I give to my daughter, MILDRED WOMACK, my negro man named Frank and two cows and calves, one feather bed and furniture, one mare and saddle all already received to her heirs forever.
ITEM: I give to my daughter, Lucy Tapley, my negro man named Harry and two cows and calves, one feather bed and furniture and one mare and saddle already received to her heirs forever.
ITEM: I give to my grandson, John Pryor, son of Green Pryor, all that land I purchased of Isaiah Alday and also that land I purchased of Robert McCarley on May Creek and also my negro woman named Sue and also my negro girl named Dinah also my negro girl named Judy and their increase and a horse, saddle and two cows and calves, one feather bed and furniture when he shall arrive to twenty-one years to him and his heirs forever which have already delivered to Green Pryor.
ITEM: I give and bequeath to my daughter Leah Perkins, my negro woman named Moll and her increase and two cows and calves, one feather bed and furniture, one horse and saddle already received, to her and her heirs forever.
ITEM: I give to my granddaughter, Betty Green Pryor, my negro girl named Dilsey and her increase and also my tract of land on Adam Creek adjoining Hugh Barnett when she shall arrive to lawful years or married, to her and her heirs forever.
ITEM: I give to my daughter, Rachael Pope, my negro boy named Essia, one feather bed and furniture, two cows and calves, one young mare and saddle, which estate she has already received to her and her heirs forever.
ITEM: I give to my daughter, Dorothy Pryor, my negro girl named Cloe, one feather bed and furniture, two cows and calves, one horse or mare and saddle when she arrives at lawful age or marries to her and her heirs forever.
ITEM: I give to my daughter, Hoith Pryou (Henrietta Pryor), when she arrives to lawful age or marries, my negro boy named Ben, and two cows and calves, one feather bed and furniture, and horse or mare and saddle to her and her heirs forever. ITEM: I give to my son, John Henry Pryor, the land and plantation where I now dwell and also my negro girl named Phyllis, and two cows and calves and one feather bed and furniture and one young horse and saddle to him and his heirs forever. ITEM: I give to my son, Abner Pryor, all that land I purchased of Frederick Kerlock and also that land that Moses Walker owned and also that land on Hico bought the improvements of Harkley Warren and also my negro boy named Cato and two cows and calves and one feather bed and furniture and one young horse and saddle and also that tract of land I took up adjoining the land I purchased of Frederick Kerlock to him and his heirs forever.
ITEM: I give to my Grandson, John Pryor Smith, my negro girl named Violet and if she dies before she becomes of age, then my desire is that he be paid out of my estate forty pounds, Virginia money, to him and his heirs forever. I also desire my tract of land I purchased of Hosea Tapley, Junr. 301 acres on Flat River be sold and the money divided amongst my daughters and if either of my children should die before they become of lawful age or marries then their estate both real and personal be equally divided amongst those of my children as shall then be living and if either of those negroes above mentioned should die before the owner of them comes of age or marries that then he be paid at those coming of age or marries out of my estate forty pounds, Virginia Currency, and I lend to my wife, Margaret Pryor, during her natural life or widowhood, the use of my plantation and land whereon I now dwell and also the use of my negroes, Tom, Macah, Bauns, Nan, Fan, Juda, Jane, Hannah, Punch, Captain, John, Newbun and my young negro Net (or Not?) yet named in my will and also the use of my personal estate together all my stock of all kinds and two stills which stills I give to John Henry Pryor and Abner the large one to John Henry Pryor and the small one to Abner Pryou and at the end of her life or widowhood, my desire all my estate of what-so-ever kind lent to my wife land excepted to my wife as aforesaid be equally divided amongst such of my children as shall then be living. Lastly do I appoint my son-in-law, William Stone, and my son-in-law, DAVID WOMACK, and my wife, Margaret Pryor, Executors and Executrix of this my last will and testament, revoking all other wills. Given under my hand and seal this 28th day of September, 1771.

Signed sealed and delivered John Pryou (Seal) in the presence of us jnouse interlined before sealed

Burjis Harrison

Joseph Hicks

Peter Rogers


(NOTE: Generations No. 136 through No. 147 and Will of John Pryor from MSS Dempsey Monroe Kemp, Greensburg, Louisiana) A daughter of Margaret Gaines and her husband, John Pryor of North Carolina;

(Generation No. 147) MILDRED PRYOR, who, with her husband, DAVID WOMACK, the 1st, was mentioned in the will of Hon. John Pryor, of North Carolina, died after 1803 in Beaufort Disc. S. C. "?" Mildred's husband, the said David Womack, was born 1747 in Henrico County, Virginia, died after 1803 in Beaufort District, S. C. "?" David 1st was the son of Richard Womack the 3rd and his wife Anne "Nancy" Childers, as proved by the family record in the Family Bible of Abraham Womack, Jr., which Bible, (in the year 1957), was in the hands of Mrs. Doris Holland, of Greensburg, Louisiana. Mrs. Holland later re-married.

DAVID WOMACK, PATRIOT, the 1st, was a Revolutionary soldier, and was appointed 11 September 1777, as Patroller of Nash District, North Carolina. He was born before 1747 in N. C., died after 1803, Beaufort Disc. S. C. His father, Richard Womack III, settled in Burke County, Georgia. So far as was known to our Womack Genealogists, there has been no research in Europe on this branch of the Womack family, but we give herewith the earliest records known of our antecedents in this country (Virginia). (Our researchers did not find that an Archbishop Womack of England left a male heir, however, we have found Womack descendants in various states who are convinced that the Archbishop is their English ancestor.) Dempsey M. Kemp and his genealogical co-worker, Elliott Spear, of Bastrop, Louisiana, did thorough research on WOMACKS; Dempsey Kemp, in his manuscripts, often quoted Womack Genealogy from the "Valentine Papers", published by Edward Pleasants Valentine (or Edward Virginius Valentine ((1838-1930)), the American sculptor, born in Richmond, Virginia, who was also a Womack descendant.) (Valentine's best known work was the recumbent statue of General Robert E. Lee, now in the memorial chapel of the Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia.)

The earliest known Womack ancestor of DAVID WOMACK 1st (born 1747) who married Mildred Pryor, was; RICHARD WOMACK I, born 1655 in Henrico County, Virginia, died 1684, Henrico County, Virginia, married Mary Puckett, daughter of John Puckett and his wife, Ann. Their son; RICHARD WOMACK, the 2nd, born about 1676, Henrico County, Virginia, married Elizabeth Puckett, born Henrico Co., Virginia (daughter of Richard Puckett, who was born Henrico Co., Va.) Their son; RICHARD WOMACK, the 3rd, born 7 December 1710, Henrico Co., Va., died 25 July 1785 in Georgia (moved to Georgia 1765); married Anne "Nancy" Childers, born Henrico Co., Va., daughter of Henry Childers, born Henrico Co., Va., died 1727, Henrico Co., Va., who was the son of Abraham Childers, Jr., (born about 1655 in Henrico Co., Va., died between 1693- 1698). Abraham Childers, Jr., was the son of Abraham Childers, who died prior to 21 November 1680, in Henrico co., Va. The aforesaid Henry Childers (died 1727), married Lucretia Jones, daughter of Thomas Jones and Martha Tanner, daughter of Joseph Tanner and his wife, Mary. The said Abraham Childers, Jr. (born about 1655, died between 1693 and 1698), married Ann Pew, daughter of Henry Pew Jr., born about 1635, died about 1710, Henrico Co., Va., who married Jane Womack, daughter of William Womack, who lived Henrico Co., Va., prior to 1679.

RICHARD WOMACK III (1710-1785), and his wife, Anne (Nancy) Childers, had the following children;

(1) Abraham Womack, married, first, Martha Mitchell; married second, Martha ______?; (2) Sally "Patsy" Womack, married Captain Jonathan Kemp; (3) John Womack, (in Revo. War); (4) Major Jacob Womack; (5) Richard Womack "?"; (6) Lieutenant Jesse Womack, (in Revo. War); (7) DAVID WOMACK, (in Revolutionary War, who married Mildred Pryor. Two sons of Richard Womack III, and his wife Anne "Nancy" Childers, namely, DAVID WOMACK, (in Revo. War), who is listed in above paragraph as child No. 7, and JOHN WOMACK, (in Revo. War), listed as child No. 3, married daughters of the Hon. John Pryor, of North Carolina, and his wife, Margaret Gaines:
DAVID WOMACK, (7th child), having married Mildred Pryor, and JOHN WOMACK, (3rd child), having married Mildred Pryor's sister, Lucy Pryor Tapley, the widow of Hosea Tapley. both these daughters, Mildred and Lucy, were mentioned in the will of their father, John Pryor, as was also Mildred's husband, DAVID WOMACK, David having been named as one of the executors of John Pryor's will, (which has been quoted in full above.) (Dempsey M. Kemp's records show that Jacob P. Womack, son of the said John Womack and his wife, Lucy Pryor (Tapley) Womack, married Nancy Ann Faddis, and on 3 September 1833, sold his land in Orange County, N. C. to one of his Faddis brothers-in-law, and moved, first, to DeSoto County, Mississippi, thence to Marshall, Harrison Co., Texas. Your Compiler has recently been located by a descendant of JOHN WOMACK and his wife, Lucy Pryor (Tapley), in the person of Mrs. Janie G. Park, 312 South Deer Creek Drive, Leland, Mississippi, who gives her direct descent as follows:
(1) John Womack was born about 1750 in Virginia, died 1827 in Person Co., N. C. He married about 1772, a widow, Lucy Pryor Tapley, a daughter of John Henry Pryor and Margaret Gaines.

Their son was; (2) David Womack, his son was;
(3) Green P. Womack; his son was;
(4) Martin Van Buren Womack, his daughter was;
(5) Rebecca Womack, who married Dudley Gatewood; their daughter is the aforesaid Janie Gatewood Park, who was born 3 August 1891, in Caswell Co., N. C. Mrs. Janie Gatewood Park has a daughter, who is Mrs. James Brown. Mrs. Park's great-grandfather, the aforesaid Green P. Womack, went to Texas after the Civil War and died in Tremont, Texas, 23 July 1872. He married Elizabeth Hatchett, who died in Comanche Co., Texas, 18 July 1880.
The above information was given your compiler in letters from Mrs. Janie G. Park, dated 8 February 1961 and 4 March 1961.

The WOMACK GENEALOGY "the official Publication of the WOMACK Family", which was published by Womack descendants of Tennessee, who gathered ALL Womack data on early Womacks in this country that their researchers could find, (which publication has now been discontinued, unfortunately), gives in their Vol. II, No. 2, December, 1958, the following on  RICHARD WOMACK, who married "Nancy (Ann) Childers:



"David Womack settled by 1761 in that part of North Carolina, (Orange County) which became Caswell County in 1777, and lived in one of the sections, (Nash District), that became Person County in 1791. "By 1771 he had married Mildred Pryor, as proved by will of John Pryor, her father, dated 1771, Orange County, North Carolina. David Womack sold out in 1784, and left North Carolina, probably living in the northwest part of South Carolina before settling in St. Helena Parish, Louisiana." Same edition of WOMACK GENEALOGY, on outside front page, gives as proof that the said David Womack, husband of Mildred Pryor, was the son of Richard Womack and Nancy Childers, a Photostat of the Family Record, from the Old Bible of Abraham Womack, Jr., of Greensburg, St. Helena Parish, La., son of Abraham Womack, (Sr.) son of David Womack and Mildred Pryor. Dempsey Monroe Kemp, of Greensburg, La., and his genealogical collaborator, his Cousin Elliott Spear, of Bastrop, La., had already furnished this proof (in connection with the Application for Membership in the Sons of the American Revolution, of Elliott Spear), Elliott Spear having located the said Old Bible in the family of his Uncle (great great uncle) Abraham Womack, St., in Greensburg, La. The aforesaid DAVID WOMACK and his wife, MILDRED PRYOR, had eight children, as follows;
(1) RICHARD WOMACK, the 4th, born between 1765-72, (see later);
(2) DOROTHY PRYOR WOMACK, born between 1770-80;
(3) WILLIAM WOMACK, born 1776;
(4) COL. ABNER WOMACK, (see later), born 1778;
(5) JACOB GREEN WOMACK, born 1780;
(6) ROBERT WOMACK, born between 1770-80;
(7) ABRAHAM WOMACK, SR., born 1782, (see later)
(8) DAVID WOMACK, born 1785 (see later).

DAVID WOMACK, born 27 March 1785, the 8th son of DAVID WOMACK I and his wife, Mildred Pryor, was in the War of 1812, on 4 February 1807, he married Sarah Norris in Pendleton District, S. C., and had twelve children, moved from St. Helena Parish, La., to Simpson county, Mississippi. Their children were as follows;

(1) Elizabeth Womack, born 1808, in Louisiana, married McIlhenny;

(2) Mildred Womack, married her first cousin, David Womack, born 1800 in Georgia (the son of her Uncle Richard Womack, who was the eldest child of David Womack (Revo. War) and his wife, Mildred Pryor), had the following children:

    (a) Dr. John C. Womack, of Careron, Texas, born 1827;

    (b) Dr. Andrew (Andy) Womack, of Bosque, Texas, born 1830;

    (c) Dr. Thomas Womack, born 1832;

    (d) Manson (Mansel) Womack, born 1834;

    (e) Dr. Byrd (Budd) Womack, born 1839, Druggist in Waco, Texas;

    (f) Elizabeth Womack, born 1835;

    ( g) Caroline (Callie) Womack, born 1847;

    (h) Vashti Womack, born 1848;

(3) Nancy Matilda Womack, born 16 February 1812, in La; died 29 June 1852, in Mississippi, married Rhesa Kennedy,             born 30  September 1809, died 29 September 1837. They had;

    (a) Margaret Lenora Kennedy, born 7 April 1834; died 14 April 1897, married George W. Johnston of Barbour County,           Alabama, (see later) They had;

(a) Mary Frances Johnston, born 1857;
(b) James Rhesa Johnston, born 1858;
(c) Mancy Patricia Johnston, born 1862;
(d) George Annah Johnston, born 1865, married on 2 October 1890, Thomas Jefferson Weathersby, born 1 September 1855, died 13 July 1934. (see later)
(b) William Kennedy, born 24 August 1836, died 12 August 1904, married Martha Dent, daughter of F. H. C. Dent and Mary Adeline Campbell, and had;
      (a) Rhesa Kennedy; (b) Addie Kennedy; (c) Lucy Kennedy; (d) B. Kennedy; (e) Martha Leonore Kennedy

The 4th child of Margaret Lenora Kennedy and George W. Johnston, aforesaid;

GEORGE ANNAH JOHNSTON, who married Thomas Jefferson Weatheraby, had:

(a) John Weatheraby, born 4 August 1891, married Leila Sloan

(b) George Isham Weathersby, born 9 February 1894, died 4 April 1929;

(c) Lenora (Nora) Weathersby, born 30 October 1895, married 17 August 1913 George Flowers Smith and had;

(a) Thomas Flowers Smith, born 31 July 1915, who, on 2 April 1939, married Myra Belle Woodware, and had;

(1) Thomas Flowers Smith Jr., born 11 January 1941;

(2) George Stephen Smith, born 1 April 1949.

(b) George Johnston Smith, second son of Lenora Weathersby and George Flowers Smith, aforesaid, born 21 July 1920, married Marjorie Burns Rowan, and had;

(1) Cambria Rowan Smith, born 9 May 1948;

(2) Charles Merrick Smith, born 19 October 1955;

Among other descendants of the aforesaid Nancy Matilda Womack, born 16 February 1812, and her husband Rhesa Kennedy are Mrs. Gussie (May) Boggan of DlO, Mississippi, Mrs. Nora (May) Cook, W. G. Cook, Lewis Wilson, Dr. T. E. Wilson, Mrs. John Batte Jr., and Mrs. Marvin Collum Jr., of Jackson, Mississippi.

(4) William Buck Womack, 4th child of David Womack (War of 1812) and his wife, Sarah Norris, born 1816, La., married Ailsa Franklin, had 10 children, lived at Apple Springs and Centralia, Texas.

(5) Richmond (Rich) Womack, 5th child of David Womack, above and wife, Sarah Norris, married Arcadia Howell, born 1812 in La.

(6) Sarah Womack, 6th child of aforesaid David and Sara Norris Womack, married Dr. Preston Campbell, had three children, all died young, lived at Flowery Mound, La.

(7) Henry Young Womack, 7th child of above David and Sara Norris Womack, born 1822 in La., died 23 February 1902, Groveton, Texas, buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery, Apple Springs, Texas; married, first, in 1853 at Braxton, Rankin co., Mississippi, to Sarah Jane Gibson, born about 1832 in Mississippi, died 1870, the daughter of Arthur Gibson and Caroline Campbell. They had two children;

(a) Arthur Womack, married Mollie Morrison, of Braxton, Mississippi, and had three children;

(b) Sallie Minnie Womack, who married Dr. Thomas Ross, born 1849 and had Dr. Eugene Abner Ross, who married Ola Jones and had Hazel Ross, who married ..... Quackenbush, DLO, Mississippi.

The said Henry Young Womack, born 1822, was with General Nathan Forrest in the Civil War. Henry Young Womack married Second, Mrs. Laura Virginia Newton Clutts, widow of David Clutts. Laura Virginia Newton was the daughter of William Newton, born 1808, in North Carolina, and Elizabeth Deaton, born 1812 in S. C. By Henry Young Womack's second marriage, he had;

(a) Abram E. Womack "Abie", born 1 August 1875, died at 8 years of age;

(b) William Jasper Womack, born 9 June 1872, died 17 February 1933 (or 1935), buried in Austin, Texas, married Nannie Adelaide Wood, born 12 June 1874, Town Bluff, Texas, died 23 February 1956, Austin, Texas.

They had a daughter;

Ina Womack, born 27 August 1898, Groveton, Texas, married 17 June 1922, at Austin, Texas, William Christopher Jones, Jr., born 30 May 1894, at Lynchburg, Texas. They had;

Will C. Jones, III, born 29 May 1925, at Corsicana, Texas, married 10 March 1950, Margaret Ann Martin, born 20 July 1928, at Houston, Texas. They have one child; Will C. Jones IV, born 4 May 1954, Dallas, Texas.

(8) Vashti Womack, eight child of David and Sarah Norris Womack, born 1814 in La., married Richard Swor, and had; David, Liza, Will, Maidie, Sarah, Civilla, Nancy, John, Ulysses.

(9) Abram B. Womack, 9th child of David and Sarah Norris Womack, born 29 April 1818, La., died 14 May, 1902, Texas, married Lucy Campbell.

(10) Jane Womack, 10th child of David and Sarah NorrisWomack, born 1826 in La., married .....Magee.

(11) David Womack, born 1811, La., married first, Mary Jane Franklin, sister of Ailsa Franklin; married  second,.....Singletary.

(12) Abner J. (or Albert) Womack, born 1832 in Mississippi, died 1869, Apple Springs, Texas, married Sarah Watson, and had; John Madison (Buck); William Richard (Little Rich); Mary Jane; Sarah; Elizabeth.


The son of David Womack, (Rev. War) and his wife, Mildred Pryor, listed above as their 4th child, namely;

COLONEL ABNER WOMACK, born 1778, N. C., died 12 February 1844, in La., on 19 June 1818, married Celia Herren, and had;

(a) William B. Womack, born 1806, on 28 February 1821, married Permelia Kemp, born 1810;

(b) John Henry Pryor Womack, born 1809, died 1888, on 28 February 1839, married Mary Ann Hill, and had; Elliott Spear, of Bastrop, La., who, with Dempsey Monroe Kenp, of Greensburg, La., assembled most of the genealogy of Richard Womack III and Nancy Ann Childers, their antecedents and descendants.

(c) Celia Womack, born 1810, married John Burton;

(d) George Womack, born 1812, married on 1 April 1847, Eliza Amacker;

(e) Abner "Buck" Womack, Jr., born 1814, married on 26 July 1829, Elizabeth, "Betsy" Kemp, (sister of Permelia Kemp, who married William B. Womack);

(f) Permelia Womack, (1822-1870) married on 1 December 1841, Peter Hutchison Kemp, and had;

(1) Simpson Kemp (1843-1918);

(2) Dempsey Kemp III (See later);

(3) Thomas Benton Kemp; born 1847, married Hattie Tate;

(4)Abner Kemp, born 1849;

(5) Rosa Kemp, born 1851, married Joseph Park Street Thompson;

(6) Marshall Kemp, born 1843, married Willie Green;

(7) and (8) children, died young;

(9) Zack Kemp, born 1859, married Minnie


DEMPSEY KEMP III, born 1845, died 1927, listed above as the second child of Permelia Womack (1822-1870) and her husband, Peter Hutchison Kemp, married Mattie McFarren Taylor and had;

(1) Ada Permelia Kemp, born 1867, died 1915, married McLaren Porter Dodge;

(2) Louis Wiltz Kemp, born 1875, born 1875, married Violet Foltz, (or Voltz?) and had;

(a) L. W. Kemp, Jr., died young;

(b) Charles Dempsey Kemp;

(c) Jeff Arthur Kemp.

The said Louis Wiltz Kemp was an unofficial Historian of Texas and wrote two books on Texas History. He was Chairman of the Committee to erect the San Jacinto Monument and bronze plaques on marble pillars at Historical spots all over the state, and is buried in the State Cemetery at Austin, Texas, with other heroes.

(3) Rosa Olivia Kemp, the 3rd child of Dempsey Kemp III and his wife, Mattie McFarren Taylor, married Frank Adams, and adopted a daughter, Rosemary Adams, who married Dr. Petway of Houston, Texas.

(4) Pauline Kemp, married .... Harper, of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

(5) Mohun Kemp, married in 1908, J. Milton Tucker.

(6) Mamie Kemp, died young.

(7) Lillian Lucille Kemp, married George L. Byron.

(8) Judge Jefferson Thompson Kemp, born 1869, lived in Careron, Texas, had children (1) Dempsey Carroll Kemp; (2) Jeff Thomas Kemp; (3) Ruth Dempsey Kemp.

(9) Dempsey Monroe Kemp, born 4 January 1876, Genealogist, of Greensburg, Louisiana, died 8 January 1957, married, second, Sarah Rebekah (Rebah) Tillery. The said Dempsey Monroe Kemp, to whom reference is often made in this manuscript, was the inspiration for the exhaustive research that has been made on antecedents prior to his findings, as given in his manuscripts. (The numbers given immediately above from 1 through 10 have reference to the children of Dempsey Kemp III and his wife, Mattie McFarren Taylor.)

No. (7) Lucy Womack, the seventh child of Colonel Abner Womack and his wife, Celia Herren, was born 1824, married John Addison.

No. (8) Mildred Womack, born 1826, married Jonathan David Kemp, son of Dempsey Kemp and his wife Sallie Dean Hutchison.


ABRAHAM WOMACK, SR., born 1782, died 1860, listed above as the seventh son of DAVID WOMACK (of Revo. War) and his wife,

MILDRED PRYOR; married Elizabeth Burton, who died 10 January 1850, daughter of Col. Jacob Burton and his wife, Nancy Hamilton (Hambleton). (The said Abraham Womack served at the Battle of New Orleans, War of 1812.) Abraham Womack (Sr.) and his wife, Nancy Hamilton had ten children, as follows:
(1st) Robert Womack;
(2nd) Nancy Hamilton Womack, married 1st, James Thompson, had issue; married 2nd, ___Bales;
(3rd) Abraham Womack, Jr., born 6 April 1809, died 26 January 1878; married first (as her second husband); Matilda Golden Tillery Cain, born 6 June 1809, died 3 September 1846, widow of William Cain, of Copiah Co., Mississippi. By his first, Matilda Golden Tillery Cain, Abraham Womack, Jr. had the following children;
    (3-a) Angelina Womack, born 28 April 1834, died 30 May 1848, "died in the town of Baton Rouge at the Seminary, Her age when she died was 14 years and 32 days", quoting from the Abraham, Jr. Bible;
    (3-b) Elizabeth B. Womack, born 12 May 1836, died 20 August 1847;
    (3-c) Nancy Hamilton Womack, born 5 May 18__, died 3 April 1876;
    (3-d) Mathilda Golden Womack, born 25 August 18__, died 29 December 1881. Only one of these children, Nancy Hamilton Womack (listed as 3-c), married and has descendants. Her husband was Captain T. D. Lindsey, C. S. A. Among their many descendants are Doris Lindsey, daughter of Hollis Lindsey, married 1st, Thos. M. Holland;
    2nd, James H. Rhodes; Mrs. Imogene Wilson Cole, (Mrs. Chas. J. Cole), of Greensburg, La., daughter of Jules E. Wilson and Etna Burton Lindsey, a sister of Doris Holland's father. Mrs. Etna Burton Lindsey Wilson, over 90 years of age, is living (in 1961). (By her first husband, William Cain, of Copiah Co., Mississippi, Matilda Golden Tillery, (the first wife of Abraham Womack, Jr.) had three children, only one of whom, Sarah Ann Jane Cain, grew up and married. See later for details on marriage of Matilda Golden Tillery to William Cain and their descendants (among whom are Rebah Tillery Kemp, and her cousin, Ruby Chaney Joseph.) After the death of first wife, Matilda G. Tillery (Cain), Abraham Womack (Jr.) remarried, but children of the second marriage died while very young.
(4) The fourth child of Abraham Womack, (Sr.) and wife Elizabeth Burton was Jacob Burton Womack, born 1811, died soon after 1836, married Martha Letitia Dickson, born 26 September 1815, died 4 October 1865, daughter of General David Dickson, Jackson, Mississippi, had one child
    (4-a) Elizabeth Letitia Womack, married her first cousin, Jacob Jefferson Thompson (born 1833, died 1889) son of Dorthy Pryor Womack and Alexander Thompson, had three children, no descendants. After the death of Jacob Burton Womack, his widow, Martha Letitia Dickson Womack, married Capt. Lewis Littlepage Taylor, born 4 February 1814, died 29 November 1879, father of Martha Taylor, who married Dempsey Monroe Kemp's father, Dempsey Kemp II, (becoming the mother of Dempsey Monroe Kemp (the third Dempsey) of Greensburg, La., husband of Rebah Tillery)
(5) Dorothy Pryor Womack, fifth child of Abraham Womack (Sr.) and wife Elizabeth Burton, was born 1814, died 1849, in 1829 married Alexander Thompson, born 1800, died 1850.
(6) Margaret Gaines Womack, 6th child of Abraham Womack, Sr. and wife Elizabeth Burton, born 11 Frbruary 1816, died 29 April 1843, married on 14 June 1829, James Findley Smith, had issue; married 2nd, 15 November 1833, Thos. H. Vining, had issue.
(7) Green Pryor Womack, born 1818, died 1844, never married.
(8) John Burton "Jack" Womack, served in Mexican War and C. S. A., born 1820, died 1895.
(9) Mildred Rhoda Womack, born 1822, died 1884, married Capt. Joseph Powell, of Confederate Army, had many descendants. The tenth child of Abraham Womack (Sr.) and Elizabeth Burton was;
(10) Elizabeth Jane Womack, born 19 May 1824, died 15 March 1893, was married on 18 December, 1845, to, William Henry Tillery, born 7 December 1815, died January 1884 (or 86?) the son of Joshua Tillery and Sallie Fussell. They had the following children:
    (10-a) Abraham Womack Tillery, born 1846, died 1862, Veteran of C.S.A., never married;
    (10-b) Joshua Alexander Tillery, born 1 October 1848, died 2 February 1931, married on 22 July 1874, Eugenia Amelia                  Hutchinson, born 1 October 1850;
    (10-c) Flavius Josephus Tillery I, born 1 March 1850, died 15 April 1869, never married;
    (10-d) Sarah Jane Tillery, born 2 December 1851, died 5 December 1921, on 22 November 1872, married William        Ratcliff Chaney, born 1848, died 7 January 1941, son of Jackson Monroe Chaney and Nancy Ann Hatchett,   daughter of William Hatchett and Polly Lee, daughter of Samuel Lee. Jackson Monroe Chaney was son of Rev. Bailey E.Chaney, came to South Carolina in 1793, died in Natchez, Mississippi, (Paxton's History of Baptist of Louisiana, published 1888.) Ruby Chaney Joseph's grandmother was Elizabeth Ratcliff, born 14 August 1779, died August 1855.
    (10-d-1) Infant son, born 25 August 1873, died 23 September 1873;
    (10-d-2) William Tillery Chaney, born 29 May 1875, died 11 September 1875;
    (10-d-3) Nancy Elizabeth Chaney, born 27 September 1876, died 24 January 1898, never married;
    (10-d-4) James Monroe Chaney, born 14 July 1879, died 23 august 1889;
    (10-d-5) Emmett Womack Chaney, born 20 March 1882, died 15 April 1943, on 4 February 1908, married Lou Day                    had issue.
    (10-d-6-a) Emmett Lee Powers, born 10 July 1908;
    (10-d-6-b) Katherine Powers Hood, born 29 October 1910;
    (10-d-6-c) Dorothy Powers Atkinson, born 11 February 1917;
    (10-d-6-d) Zack D. Powers, born 3 August 1918, died 15 January 1941;
(All Katherine Olivia Chaney's children living in 1961, except Zack D. Powers, whose date of death has been given.)       (10-d-7) Lee Brown Chaney, born March 19, 1888, (living in 1961), on December 23, 1909, married Nina Roddy.         (10-d-8) Ruby Tillery Thompson Chaney, born January 31, 1892, on October 8, 1913, married Cleveland Isaac Joseph, born December 10, 1884, St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana, son of Joseph Jules Joseph, born November 20, 1855, died Frbruary 4, 1929, son of Isaac Joseph and wife, Caroline Godchaux. Cleveland Isaac Joseph's mother Bertha Reitel, who was born August 18, 1851, died March 22, 1925, daughter of Daniel Feitel. The children of
    (10-d-8) Ruby Tillery Thompson Chaney Joseph and her husband, Cleveland Isaac Joseph, as follows;
    (10-d-8-a) Cheney Cleveland Joseph, born August 8, 1941, died October 13, 1958, on July 19, 1941, married Henrietta Hughes Colley, born January 10, 1921.
Their sons; (10-d-8-a-1) Cheney Cleveland Joseph, Jr., born November 22, 1942;
(10-d- 8-a-2) Allen Stuart Colley Joseph, born October 2, 1946;
(10-d-8-a-3) David Colley Joseph, born June 24, 1949. (10-d-8-b) Gerald Feitel Joseph, born October 22, 1917, married Edna Earle Angle born March 17, 1916, their children;
(10-d-8-b-1) Gerald "Jerry" Feitel Joseph, born February 20, 1946;
(10-d-8-b-2) Brent Angle Joseph, born November 6, 1947;
(10-d-8-b-3) Nancy Patrick Joseph, born August 21, 1950;
(10- d-8-b-4) Susan Elizabeth Joseph, born September 15, 1954.
(10-e) William Lafayette Tillery, born July 21, 1853. died September 19, 1923, on December 25, 1879, married his cousin Sallie Thompson Davis, born December 10, 1855, died January 27, 1945, daughter of William Kendrick Davis and his wife, Sara Ann Jane Cain, whose mother was Mathilda Golden Tillery Cain, widow of William Cain, of Copiah county, Mississippi, (see later) who was a sister of William Henry Tillery Cain, husband of Elizabeth Jane Womack, aforesaid. William Lafayette Tillery and his wife, Sallie Thompson Davis had four children, namely;
(10-e-1) Flavius Josephus Tillery II, born December 9, 1881, (living in 1961), married Celia Gill on May 4, 1921, had two children namely; (10-e-1-a) Flavius Josephus Tillery III, married Maxine Varnado;
(10-e-1-b) Iris Tillery, married Joseph M. Sitman, Jr., and have one child;
(10-e-1-b1) Dianne Gayle Sitman. (10-e-2) Elizabeth Womack Tillery, born July 7, 1885, died May 16, 1953, married on October 9, 1907, Dr. John Webb McGehee, Sr., had three children, namely;
(10-e-2-a) Dr. John Webb McGehee, Jr., born April 8, 1909, (living in 1961), married on June 10, 1936, Louise Lowe, had two children, namely;
(10-e-2-a-1) Anne Elizabeth McGehee, born December 31, 1940 (living in 1961);
(10-e-2-a-2) Katherine Louise McGehee, born February 22, 1943, (living in 1961).
(10-e-2-b) Elizabeth McGehee, born November 2, 1912 (living in 1961), married Turner Atherton Bynum on December 26, 1936.
(10-e-2-c) Laura Rebecca McGehee, born October 28, 1917, (living in 1961) married Marshall Neel Buell on December 1, 1937, had two children, namely; (10-e-2-c-1) Patricia Elizabeth Buell;
(10-e-2-c-2) Marshall Buell.
(10-e-3) Sarah Rebecca (Rebah) Tillery Kemp, born October 3, 1888, (living in 1961) married Dempsey Monroe Kemp, born January 4, 1876, died January 8, 1957.
(10-e-4) William Davis Tillery, born May 5, 1893, died May 22, 1922, Veteran of World War II, never married.
(10-f) John Green Tillery, born September 16, 1855, died March 31, 1857. As aforesaid, Joshua Tillery and his wife, Sallie Fussell, were the parents of Rebah Kemp's grandfather, William Henry Tillery. They were also the parents of Rebah Kemp's great-grandmother, Mathilda Golden Tillery, born June 6, 1809, died September 3, 1846, who married, as her first husband, William A. Cain, of Copiah Co., Mississippi, on April 16, 1824 in Copiah Co., Mississippi and they had three children, only one of whom grew up and married, namely;
    (1) Sarah Ann Jane Cain, born December 10, 1829, died March 12, 1879, on December 26, 1846, married William Kendrick Davis, born January 15, 1820, died April 22, 1899, had eight children, namely;
    (1-a) Mary Mathilda Davis, born august 19, 1847, died April 3, 1857;
    (1-b) Nancy Rebecca Davis, born April 26, 1849, died May 6, 1909, on June 18, 1868, married Benjamin Woodson Thompson, son of Hezekiah Thompson and Sallie Berry, no issue;
    (1-c) Susan Kendrick Davis, born March 27, 1851, died December 6, 1899, on September 11, 1873, married Chas. L. Boyd, issue;
    (1-d) Almira Jane Davis, born April 14, 1853, died and buried in Colorado, married Dr. J. M. Cheney October 1, 1874 (a brother of Ruby Tillery Chaney Joseph's father, William Ratcliff Chaney, issue;
    (1-e) Sallie Thompson Davis, born December 10, 1855, died January 27, 1945, married; William Lafayette Tillery, born July 21, 1853, died September 19, 1923, this union (as aforesaid) in Rebah Kemp's "Womack" line, listed under No.
(10-e) on Rebah's direct descent from Abraham Womack, (Sr.) and his wife, Elizabeth Burton;
    (1-f) Elizabeth Davis, born August 25, 1858, died March 23, 1863;
    (1-g) Millie Ann Davis, born December 14, 1860, died September 26, 1863;
    (1-h) "Emma" Davis, born November 18, 1864, died September 3, 1868. After the death of William A. Cain, his widow aforesaid, Mathilda Golden Tillery Cain, born June 6, 1809, died September 3, 1846, married Abraham Womack, Jr., listed above as the third child of Abraham Womack (Sr.) (born 1782, died 1860) and wife, Elizabeth Burton, the said Abraham Womack, Jr., having been a brother of Elizabeth Jane Womack, (the tenth child of Abraham Womack, Sr., and wife, Elizabeth Burton), who, on December 18, 1845, married William Henry Tillery, aforesaid. By her second husband, Abraham Womack, Jr., Mathilda had four Womack children, listed previously in the record of her marriage to Abraham Womack, Jr., as Angelina Womack, Elizabeth B. Womack, Nancy Hamilton Womack and Mathilda Golden Womack.


To refresh the memory of the reader:

Abraham Womack, (Sr.) (in War of 1812), the great-grandfather of Rebah Tillery Kemp, wife of Dempsey Monroe Kemp (deceased), of Greensburg, La., was a brother of Col. Abner Womack (War 1812), who moved from St. Helena Parish, La., to Simpson Co., Mississippi, the said David having been the ancestor of Ina Womack Jones, (Mrs. Will C. Jones, Jr., of Dallas, Texas), and Nora Weathersby Smith (Mrs. George Flowers Smith), of Jackson, Mississippi. And the said brothers, Abraham, Col. Abner and David, were brothers of Richard Womack, the eldest child of David Womack (of Revo. War) and his wife, Mildred Pryor, the said Richard Womack (the 4th), having been the great-great-grandfather of Jessie Womack Moorhead (Mrs. Hunter L. Moorhead of Jackson, Mississippi). Elliott Spear, deceased of Bastrop, La., who worked with his cousin, Dempsey Monroe Kemp, of Greensburg, La., in assembling the data on the ancestors and descendants of Richard Womack III and his wife, Ann "Nancy" Childers, was also a great-grandson of Col. Abner Womack. This is given to show the relationship of the cousins, Rebah Tillery Kemp; her husband, Dempsey Monroe Kemp (deceased); Elliott Spear (deceased); Ina Womack Jones; Nora Weathersby Smith; and Jessie Womack Morhead, who have assisted in assembling the Family History for the benefit of living descendants and for future generations. The eldest of the eight children of David Womack (of Revolutionary War) and his wife Mildred Pryor, above mentioned, was; (Generation No. 148) RICHARD WOMACK, the 4th, "probably the eldest", said Dempsey Monroe Kemp, Genealogist, of Greensburg, St. Helena Parish, La. "Richard Womack", continues Dempsey Monroe Kemp, "came to Louisiana in very early days, and in 1809, settled, or purchased land adjoining his brother, Col. Abner Womack, in St. Helena Parish, La.; and in 1810 was in Amite Co., Mississippi, listed with "1 male over 21". "This Richard was born in Orange Co., N.C., was married twice, name of both wives unknown, but the names of the children by both wives are known" END QUOTE FROM DEMPSEY MONROE KEMP.

This Richard's birth was probably before, or shortly after 1771, when Richard's father, David Womack, and David's wife, Mildred Pryor, were named in the will of the Hon. John Pryor, of North Carolina. Dempsey Monroe Kemp gives the names of the children of Richard Womack, the 4th, by his first wife as "Mary", "Andrew", "Richard", and "David", (but after the death of Dempsey M. Kemp, the old Family Bible of "Richard", the third child of Richard Womack, the 4th, was found, and the Bible record shows that there was another child of the first marriage of Richard Womack, the 4th, whose name was John). Genealogist Dempsey M. Kemp gives the names of the children of Richard Womack, the 4th, by his second wife, as (1) Abner Pryor; (2) Robert; (3) Jacob; (4) Abraham; (5) William; (6) Millie; (7) Sallie; (8) Daniel; the names of the children of the second marriage of Richard Womack, the 4th, having been given in a letter written by one John Abraham Womack, the son of Daniel Womack (listed above as the 8th and youngest child of Richard the 4th, by his second wife.) Mrs. Alma Hill Robertson (a Womack descendant) of Shawnee, Oklahoma, while doing family research in Simpson Co., Mississippi, in 1958 (as above stated, after the death of Dempsey Monroe Kemp, Genealogist), succeeded in locating the old Family Bible of Richard Womack (the 5th) (son of Richard IV), and Richard the 5th's wife, Emily Thames Miller. Later, your compiler also visited James Albert Womack (present owner of the Richard Womack-Emily Thames Bible), who lives R.F.D., Mendenhall, Simpson Co., Mississippi, and she also carefully examined the Family records in the Old Bible, finding on one of the first blank pages of same the following inscription; "His brothers were, John Womack, born September 5, 1790; Mary Womack, born April 12, 1793' Andrew Womack, born August 10, 1795; Richard Womack, born March 4, 1797; David Womack, born May 8, 1800;

The names listed on the page of the Old Bible are those of the children of Richard Womack IV, by his first marriage, "wife's name unknown", and as above stated, it was not until after this Old Bible of Richard Womack-Emily Thames was located, did our researchers, who continued their work after the death of Dempsey M. Kemp, know that there was a son "John" among the children of Richard Womack, the 4th, by his first wife. However, the Old Bible record on "JOHN" agrees with one we have in the form of a Map, or Chart, made for Elliott Spear (deceased) of Bastrop, La., by an old man, 95 years of age in 1939, named "Jacob Moore Womack", who lists on his Chart a "JOHN" Womack, who was a half-brother of old Chart Maker Jacob Moore Womack's father, Jacob, "Jake" Womack, the third child of Richard Womack, the 4th, by Richard, the 4th's second marriage. So, at last, this would account for the "male over 21" who was listed in Amite Co., Mississippi, in 1810 with RICHARD WOMACK; and "John" Womack was one of the signers, either as a signature witness, or as a signer of one of the affidavits made in an effort to secure the "bounty" (allowed to widows of soldiers), due Mrs. Sarah Womack, widow of David Womack, (War of 1812). In making the above mentioned Chart for Elliott Spear, (Womack researcher); 95 year old Jacob Moore Womack, who was born and reared in Copiah Co., Mississippi, evidently did so with the intention of giving the names and all that he knew concerning his Womack uncles and half-uncles, the brothers and half-brothers of his father, Jacob "Jake" Womack (however, other family records show that there were five or six more uncles, half uncles, and aunts that he did not seem to know about, but as his Chart is of interest to your compiler, as well as all descendants of Andrew Womack, one of the principal names listed on the chart, the same is given below):


(Comments are made, in explanation, by your compiler)
(1) Daniel Womack (first four names listed "moved from S.C. to St. Helena Parish, La. to a place called Hog Branch".) (The said "Daniel" was youngest son of Richard Womack the 4th.)
(2) John Womack (we now know was oldest child of Richard Womack, 4th.)
(3) Abraham Womack, (Hog Branch, La.) (son by Richard 4th's 2nd wife.)
(4) Abner Womack, (Hog Branch, La.) (son by Richard 4th's 2nd wife.)
(5) David Womack, "moved from S. C. to Brandon, Rankin Co., Miss." "1. Byrd Womack, an M.D. of Waco, Texas" "2. ??????" (this David was born 1800, youngest child "3. ??????" of Richard Womack 4th by first marriage, had among other children 3 or 4 "Dr." sons.)

(6) Andrew Womack, moved from S. C. to near Smith and Simpson Counties,

"1. Bill" Raleigh, Miss"

"2. Dave"

"3. John"

(Comment: 95 year old Jacob Moore Womack, reared in the same country neighborhood with "Bill", "Dave" and "John" Womack, overlooked the name of "Richard R. Womack", who was the son of No. 6 Andrew, and the father of the said "Bill", "Dave" and "John", these three, "Bill", having been the father of your compiler, and "Dave" and "John"; "Bill's" brothers. Bill, Dave and John were the three oldest sons (of the 13 children) of Andrew's son Richard R. Womack. This error and the one of naming "Katie R. Mickel, who was Katie Goings" (one of the wives of Jacob "Jake" Womack) as Jacob Moore Womack's own mother (when actually Jacob Moore's own mother was another wife of Jacob "Jake" Womack, the former Widow Kezziah Beard), were the only two mistakes seemingly made in the good chart of this very old man (95 years of age.) "moved from S.C. to Copiah Co. near Hazlehurst, Miss. "12 miles East near Georgetown."

1. "Dick Womack"

2. "Rebecca Womack (comment- married Thos. J. Ramsey)

3. "John"

4. "Elizabeth, married W. P. Randall, raised family at Thornton, Tex."

5. "Dan Womack"

6. "Ab Womack (listed in Census as "A.G.B." Womack"

(7) "Jake Womack married Katie

R. Mickel, widow, who was Katie Goings" "John Samuel, Hazlehurst, Miss." "Jacob Leonidas, died small." "Melvin Eugene" "Vira, Mrs. W.W. Kenedy, Jackson, La."

7. "Jacob Moore, aged 95 (in 1939) "Jake" confed. under Genl. Albert "Bob", Utica, Miss. Sidney Johnston and Genl. Nathan B. Forrest

8. "Jeff Womack"

9. "Martha Womack

10. "Mattie Womack" (Millie or Mollie)

11. "David Cornelius Womack"

Comment by Elliott Spear to Mrs. Rosa Kemp Adams, a sister of Dempsey M. Kemp, "Above information furnished by J.M. Womack, 95 years old, only one of Jake's eleven children now living, at present at Jackson, La., c/o Mrs. A. W. Kenedy, 2/24/1939. A true copy 3/4/1939".

(Comment - by compiler; Judge Jasper Guynes, Hazlehurst, Mississippi, recently deceased, wrote your compiler that his half-great Uncle, the said Jacob Moore Womack, lived to be more than 100 years of age.)



(Grandparents of your compiler, Jessie Womack Moorhead) Richard R. Womack, Born December 27, 1828 (To which has been added the date of his death, March 10, 1892.) Dicie Jane Hays, Born October 8, 1827 (To which has been added the date of her death, June 25, 1905.)

1. David Hays Womack, Born January 26, 1845

2. Mary Jane Womack, Born August 23, 1846

3. Elizabeth Caroline Womack, Born July 10, 1848

4. William Washington Womack, born October 1, 1851

5. John Albert Womack, Born June 8, 1853

6. Green Berry Womack, Born April 5, 1855

7. Richard Manuel (Mansel) Womack, Born February 24, 1857

8. Dicie Ann Womack, Born June 13, 1859

9. Henry Franklin Womack, Born September 26, 1861

10. Liddy Orlena Womack, Born June 16, 1863

11. George Andrew Womack, Born February 20, 1866

12. Willis Bramlett Womack, Born April 22, 1868

13. Louis Thomas Womack, Born February 25, 1870

Among the descendants of the No. 2 child (Rebecca Womack Ramsey) of the No. 7 principal man ("Jake Womack", who married Katie R. Mickel) named in the Chart of 95 year old Jacob Moore Womack are Judge Jasper Guynes, Hazlehurst, Mississippi (wife of Judge R. Olney Arrington, of the Supreme Court of Mississippi), all of whom are grand-children of the said Rebecca Womack (Mrs. Thos. J. Ramsey). Also, current family knowledge of lineage; U. S. Census records of Copiah Co., Mississippi, and marriage records tend to indicate that the John Womack, who married the widow Nancy Wright Nolley, known ancestress of Bernard K. Smith, Jonestown, Mississippi, his brother, Joseph Womack Smith, Union Church, Miss., and their sister, Mrs. Ethan Allen, Jackson, Mississippi, was the "John" Womack, listed as the 3rd child of "Jake" Womack on the above described Chart of 95 year old Jacob Moore Womack.

(Generation No. 149) ANDREW WOMACK, born August 10 1795, in Georgia, died after 1860, married Elizabeth ______, was the third child of Richard Womack, the 4th, by Richard's first marriage. Andrew Womack was listed in U. S. Census record of Copiah Co., Mississippi, prior to 1850; in census records of Simpson Co., Mississippi, with wife, Elizabeth, in 1850, and in Smith Co. Census record, with wife, Elizabeth and daughter Hettie (or Hattie), in 1860. As his home was almost on the dividing line between the Counties of Smith and Simpson, it is highly probable that he was at his old home in Simpson, and not in Smith Co., when the 1860 Census was taken. Your compiler made a trip to Raleigh, Miss. more or less recently and was told by the very old residents of the community that "Andrew, Richard, and Andrew's daughter, Hattie, were buried on the same family plot in the Old Merchant Cemetery, "but, unfortunately, the graves were not marked. Andrew's son, David Daniel Womack, was the grandfather of Willie David Womack, (Sr.) of Belzoni, Humphreys Co., Miss. The said David Daniel Womack, born 1828/9, Simpson Co., Mississippi, married Mary (Polly) Hayes, who was born in Simpson County between 1830/3, and they lived in Simpson Co., until after 1866/7. David Daniel served in the Confederate Army and moved with his family from Simpson to Franklin Co., and their names were as follows: (1) Nancy; (2) Caroline; (3) Dicy; (4) Jane; (5) William Hayes (See Later); (6) John James Greenberry Womack. The said David Daniel had a sister, Eliza, born 1831, died 1906, who married Tom Oglesby, and family records show that "David Daniel had a brother, Andrew, and a brother, Richard (and "probably other sisters and brothers not known to his descendants). The wife of the said David Daniel, Mary, (Polly) Hayes, was a sister of Dicy (Dica) Jane Hayes, wife of David Daniel's brother, Richard R. Womack, of Simpson County, Mississippi.

WILLIAM HAYES WOMACK, (the fifth child mentioned above, of David Daniel Womack and his wife, Mary (Polly) Hayes, was born 1857, Simpson Co., died Franklin Co., Miss., September 13, 1932, on December 24, 1885, married (in the Stronghope Community, Copiah Co., Mississippi) as his first wife, Celia Ann (Josephann) Kyle, who was born November 6, 1866, Copiah Co., died October 1, 1901, (the daughter of Robert M. Kyle, born March 26, 1844, Copiah Co., Mississippi, died May 1, 1888, Copiah Co., and his wife, Meadie Alford, born Copiah Co., October 9, 1844, died October 6, 1880, Copiah Co.) The eight children of William Hayes Womack and his wife, Celia Ann (Josephann) Kyle, were as follows;
(1) Willie David Womack (See Later);
(2) Beulah Ann Womack, born 1888/9, died as infant, 1890;
(3) Henry Alcus Womack, born May 17, 1890, Franklin Co., died at Carthage, Leake Co., Miss., March 2, 1961;
(4) Lena Leona Womack, born September 8, 1891, Franklin Co., Miss., died West Carroll Parish, La.,;
(5) Audrey Beatrice Womack, born September 14, 1893, Franklin Co.; (6) Myrtice Elizabeth Womack, born Franklin Co., August 1, 1895;
(7) Ellis Patrick Womack, born July 1, 1897, Franklin Co.;
(8) Bessie Mae Womack, born October 17, 1899, Franklin Co., Miss.

The said William Hayes Womack, about March or April, 1902, married, as his second wife, a widow, Emma Hamilton Hamilton, in Copiah Co., and they had one child, Edward Lee Womack, born 1903, Copiah Co. In 1905 the said William Hayes Womack, married, as his third wife, a widow, Sedonia Dove Hill, a native of Franklin Co. They had Wilson Hayes Womack, born November 13, 1913, Franklin Co. Willie David Womack, eldest child of William Hayes Womack and his wife, Celia Ann (Josephann) Kyle, (above mentioned), born February 15, 1887, Franklin Co., Miss., on January 1, 1906, married, as his first wife, Martha Ann Kyzar, born February 15, 1879, Lincoln Co., Miss. They had; (1) Eunice Celia Womack, born September 28, 1906, Franklin Co.; (2) Willie Hazel, born April 13, 1908, Lincoln Co., (3) Lura Mae, born August 6, 1909, Lincoln Co.; (4) Harley Kyle Womack, born January 9, 1911, Lincoln Co.

The said Willie David Womack, on April 22, 1919, in Hinds Co., Miss., married as his second wife, Mattie Irene Williams, who was born March 17, 1895 in Iberville Parish, La. (near Plaquemine). They have one son; Willie David Womack, Jr., born August 30, 1922, at Belzoni, Humphreys Co., Miss., who, on April 25, 1947, married Jeanne Woods, born August 26, 1925. Willie David Womack, above (born February 5, 1887) and his son, Willie David Womack, Jr., are law partners at Belzoni, Mississippi. both father and son have served their state in the Mississippi Legislature.

(Generation No. 150) Richard R. Womack (the 6th), born December 27, 1823, in Louisiana (son of Andrew, born Georgia, August 10, 1795), died March 10, 1902, in Simpson Co., Miss. Before January 26, 1845, (the date of birth of his oldest child), he married Dicey (Dica) Jane Hayes, born October 8, 1827, in Miss., died June 25, 1905, in Simpson County, Miss. Both Richard R. and his eldest son, David Hayes Womack, were mustered into service in the Confederacy, at Crystal Springs, Copiah County, Mississippi. The full names and dates of birth of the thirteen children of Richard R. and Dicey Jane Hayes Womack are given in their Old Family Bible as follows:
(1) David Hayes Womack, born January 26, 1845. Was in Army of C.S.A., married 1st, (wife's name unknown), and by 1st marriage had a son, Henry Womack; married 2nd, Mary ____, and by second marriage had two sons, (1) "Lon" Womack, and (2) Robert ("Bob") Womack.
(2) Mary Jane Womack, (second child of Richard R. and Dicey Jane) born August 23, 1846, married Norvel Bishop, their children; (a) Ella Bishop, married Lawrence Bush; (b) Emma Bishop, married _____; (c) Ida Bishop, married John Sykes; (d) Colle Bishop, married Harry Halle and had two sons; (e) Willie Bishop, married _____.
(3) Elizabeth Caroline Womack, born July 10, 1848, married Samuel Renno, and had two sons and one daughter as follows;     (a) William Renno, who married and had two sons, Samuel "Sam" Renno, and Louis Renno; (b) Charles "Charlie" Renno, born July 25, 1870, died December 14, 1953, on July 28, 1896, married Mary Frances Dye, born January 18, 1876, died October 26, 1953. Their children;

(1) Eunice Renno, born October 19, 1901, who, on February 18, 1922, married John Lyman Blakeslee, born November 20, 1889 (son of John Hamilton Blakeslee and wife, Lillian Tradenick). They have two sons;

(1) John Lyman Blakeslee, Jr. born February 24, 1924, who on February 9, 1946, married Frances Irene Cholson, born December 21, 1924, (daughter of John Vernon Gholson and his wife, Edith Irene Smith.)

They have two children;
(a) Frances Madreen Blakeslee, born December 27, 1950,
(b) Christine Blakeslee, born September 3, 1953.

(2) Charles Hamilton Blakeslee, (second son of Eunice and John Lyman Blakeslee) was born May 26, 1928; on March 24, 1948, married Jacqueline Jenkins, born January 20, 1928 (daughter of Henry Alonzo Jenkins, and his wife, Mary Lou Raines.) They have two children;
(a) Marilyn Blakeslee, born April 7, 1949;
(b) Charles Hamilton Blakeslee, Jr., born December 20, 1950.

(2) Bessie Renno, daughter of Charles Renno and wife, Mary Frances Dye, born September 15, 1905, on March 16, 1953, married Jackson Franklin Lorance, born February 2, 1884, son of Archie McCoy Lorance, and his wife, Frances Sturdivant. No children.

(3) Era Renno Rhymes and her sister, Eva Renno Jenkins, are twins. Era Renno, born September 28, 1909, on August 31, 1935, married Osmond Oliver Rhymes, born October 3, 1901, son of William Wright Rhymes and his wife, Laura Estelle Dye. No children.

(4) Eva Renno, twin sister of Era Renno Rhymes, was born September 28, 1909, and on June 30, 1928, married Carl Cline Jenkins, who was born January 12, 1905, son of Robert Wilson Jenkins and wife, Annie Geneva Crump. Eva and Carl Cline Jenkins have two children;
    (a) Evelyn Claire Jenkins, born June 8, 1929, who on February 10, 1950, married Horace Wallace Brown, born October          30, 1925, (the son of Robert Brown and Susie McCaleb).
Evelyn Claire and Horace Wallace Brown have two daughters;    
    (a) Cheryl Elizabeth Brown, born December 13, 1951; and
    (b) Sandra Gayle Brown, born July 29, 1954. The second child of Eva Renno and her husband, Charles Cline Jenkins, is           Carl Cline Jenkins, Jr., born May 8, 1933; is unmarried.
(4) Elizabeth ("Livvy") Renno, third child of Elizabeth Caroline Womack and husband, Samuel Renno, married, 1st, George Manning. Had children, re-married, after first husband's death.
(5) William Washington (Bill) Womack, who married Charity Bufkin, was the 4th child of Richard R. Womack, and wife, Dicey (Dica) Jane Hayes, of Simpson Co., Miss. (see later)
(6) John Albert Womack, fifth child of Richard R. Womack and wife, Dicey (Dica) Jane Hayes, was born June 18, 1853; married Margaret Ann Price, born January 4, 1856, died March 23, 1937; children; three infants, Charlie Anslem, Lillie Belle and Maudie Mae, died; one daughter
    (a) Ella Elizabeth Womack, born September 27, 1880, at Brandon, Miss., on April 3, 1904, married Edgar Eugene Ferguson, born March 15, 1874, died November 23, 1950; had one child; Juanita Harris Ferguson, born January 1, 1905, on April 8, 1928, married John William Roy Norton, M. D., born July 11, 1898; children;
  (1) Geraldine Ferguson Norton, born June 18, 1929, on June 9, 1951, married Dr. Charles Frasier Aquadro, born June 9, 1929; they have one child, Jeana Laurine Aquadro, born June 10, 1957; (2) Jean Ferguson Norton, (Second child of Juanita Harris Ferguson and Dr. John William Roy Norton) was born April 16, 1933, on February 12, 1955, married Capt. Henry J. Dickman, Jr., born March 3, 1932; their children;
    (a) Carolyn Jean Dickman, born October 28, 1956;
    (b) Lisabeth Anita Dickman, born December 11, 1958;
(3) Lafayette Ferguson Norton, third child of Juanita Harris Ferguson and Dr. John William Roy Norton, was born February 17, 1939.;
    (b) Willie Womack, another daughter of John Albert Womack and wife, Margaret Ann Price, was born November 23, 1888, married W.W. Lee, Roswell, New Mexico. (The address of Dr. William Roy Norton and his wife, the former Juanita Harris Ferguson is: 2129 Cowper Drive, Raleigh, North Carolina.)

(6) Green Berry Womack, the sixth child of Richard R. Womack and wife, Dicey (Dica) Jane Hayes, was born April 5, 1855, married Julia Murrah (Murray); had two sons,
  (a) German Womack, married and had, among others, a son, Ellis Womack of the Womack Implement Company, John      Deere Plow company Dealer, Oak Grove, La., and a daughter, Mrs. Janie ______, also of Oak Grove, La.
  (b) Walter Womack, a son of Green Berry Womack, married a sister of his brother German Womack's wife, and had at least one child, Walter Womack, Jr.
(7) Richard Mansel (Manuel) Womack, seventh child of Richard R. Womack and wife, Dicey (Dica) Jane Hayes, born February 24, 1857, died young.

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