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Cemeterie, Tombstones and Death Certificates

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Knoble Cemetery in Knoble, Arkansas.
Peggy, Mary Gordon and Mary Ann  


Lake Creek Cemetery, in Lake Creek, Texas. Delta County.


Rockford Cemetery, in Rockford, Texas. The lady on the right is Myrtle Gordon, Mary Ann's parental grandmother.


This is Horse Mountain Cemetery in Horse Mountain, Tennessee,where many of my ancestors are buried. Photo submitted by, Linda (Sharp) Yates.


Mary Francis Basneett Wilson Dennis. 
 Mary's first husband was Robert P. Wilson, son of Allen Green Wilson and Elizabeth Askins. Her second husbnd was Harden Dennis. She was the daughter of William haydon Basnett and Sarah McKinney.
Lebanon Cemetery, Laclade County, MO.


David Simeon Richard George.
Born 1/1/1814. Died 3/16/1910.
Son of Redding & Sarah George.
Husband of Lucinda L. (McGuire) George.
Daughter of Ann Talitha (Lee) & Thoms McGuire.
Charleston Cemetery.


Alice Bell (Wilson) George.
Born 9/26/1874. Died 12/12/1959.
She was the daughter of Sarah Evelin (Hall) Wilson.
Married Thomas J. George, 1/16/1901.
Shady Grove Cemetery.


James Allen Johnson Sr. 'Uncle Jim'. Buried in the Lake Creek Cemetery. According to the cemetery records his first wife Vella, is buried beside him but there is no tombstone or marker of any kind.


Susan Catherine Johnston. Born 6/5/1808. Died 10/12/1894. She was the wife of Lindsley Johnston and grandmother of Eddie Peterson Johnson. Buried at Pierce Cemetery.


Thomas J. George


Joseph Wilson


Millard O'Dell Nabors & Susie (Walker) Nabors. Married 12/17/1938.
Millard, born 9/2/1912. Died 8/24/1976. He was the son of Linnie Mae (Duncan) & James Madison Nabors.
Susie (Walker) Nabors, born 11/5/1920. Still living. She was the daughter of Susie (Wilson) & William Luco Walker. 
East Delta Cemetery.


Thomas Allen Wilson.


A.G & Ida Wilson
Allen Green Wilson and his wife, Ida (Stewart) Wilson. Their grave is next to the grave of his father [picture above], T.A. Wilson. Thomas Wilson's father was Allen Green Wilson, as well as his youngest son. 
Slabtown Cemetery


Thomas M. McGuire.
Born 8/1/1971. Died 7/23-1861. Married Ann Talitha McGuire. Her headstone is pictured below. They were married 10/7/1805.
They are both buried in the Charslton Cemetery, Delta County, Texas.


Ann Talitha (Lee) McGuire.
Born 2/11/1790 (probably in Tennessee or Virginia). Died 7/22/1872 in Charleston, Texas, Delta County. Her father was Richard Lee and her mother was Sarah or Elizabeth.
Ann and Thomas were married in Lincoln County, Ky.
Charleston Cemetery.


William & Mary Ann McGuire's gravestone. They are buried in Horse Mountain Cemetery, on Horse Moumtain Road between Shelbyville and Wartrace, Tennessee in Bedford County.
William and Mary's graves aren't in the actual cemetery and they are hard to see. The cemetery is at the top of small hill with a gravel semi-circular drive. Wm. and Mary are between the main road and towards the end of the gravel drive. There are a few other graves down there too.  


Susie Eller Wilson.
She was the daughter of John William and Sarah George Wilson. She was married to Henry Marshall Craig.   They are both buried in Lake Creek Cemetery in Delta County, TX.


James Allen 'Jim' Johnson
Born 7/25/1903. Died 1/19/1972.
Son of Sarah Cathern 'Kate' (Wilson) Johnson.
Married Jessie Beatrice (Miller), 4/24/1931.
Lake Creek Cemetery.   


Eddie Petterson 'E.P.' Johnson, (my paternal grandfather.)
Born - July 29, 1861. Died May 4, 1918. He is buried at the Lake Creek Cemetery, in Lake Creek, Texas, Delta County. 


Jessie Beatrice (Miller) Johnson.
Born 9/26/1908. Died 2/14/1966.
Married Jim Johnson, 4/24/1931.
West Post Oak Cemetery, Lamar County, Texas.

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Robert Lee Combs. Born 12/17/1855. Died 5/6/1923. Married 12/24/1890 to Cora Mabel Anderson.


Cora Mabel (Anderson) Combs. Born 2/9/1875. Died 10/28/1951. Buried in Oaklawn Cemetery.


Talitha cuma (Wilson) Skeen. Born 8/13/1887. Died 8/?/1929.
Buried at Lake Creek Cemetery.


John 'Johnny' W. Skeen (son of Cuma Skeen). Born 12/10/1917. Died 5/12/1935. Buried at Lake Creek Cemetery.


Harvena 'Aunt Red' and Clayton Bowen Johnson.
Clayton, born 11/12/1910. Died 2/13/1989. Son of Alice Bell (Wood) & John Walter Johnson.
Harvena, born 2/24/1910. Died 5/21/2001. Daughter of Sarah Catherine 'Kate' (Wilson) Johnson & Eddie Petterson Johnson. Married 2/21/1931. Biried at Pecan Gap Cemetery.


Ida (Wilson) Steagall. Daughter of John and Sarah Wilson.
Buried at Lake Creek Cemetery.


James Lindsley & Mary Lucinda.
James Lindsley Johnson [son of Thomas H.J. & Mary Catherine (Johnston) Johnson & brother of Eddie Petterson Johnson]. Born 6/25/1857. Died 5/2/1922.
Married 12/7/1879 at Lake creek TX.
Mary Licinda (Steagall). Born 1/3/1883. Died /?/?/1934. Buried at Oaklawn Cemetery. 


David W. Wilson. Born 1871. Died?
Son of J.W & S.A. Wilson.
(The stone is broken; half missing.)
Charleston Cemetery


William Floyd Wilson & Eula.


Thomas P. Wilson


Winnie & Paris 'Pat' Ayles.
Winnie, born 2/27/1890. Died 1/16/1977.
Paris 'Pat', born 9/21/1894. Died 10/16/1971.
Married 1/17/1915.
Lake Creek Cemetery. 


Wesley Thomas 'W.T.' Johnson. (My father).
Born 1908. Died 1956.
Buried at lake Creek Cemetery.


This shows the grave of Robert P. Wilson in Milsap Cemetery in Laclede County, Missouri. This picture was taken recently by Frank Brown.


Close up of Robert P. Wilson's stone


This is the other side of William and Mary Ann's gravestone. There are inscriptions on both sides of the same stone.


John & Sarah Wilson, my (Earl's) great grandparents.
Sarah Ann 'Sally' (George), born 6/8/1847. Died 12/13/1939.
Daughter of David Simmon R. & Lucinda L. (McGuire) George.
John William Wilson, 10/3/1841. Died 9/9/1920.
Son of Allen Green & Elizabeth M. (Askins.)
Married 4/3/1866 in Lamar County.
Parents of Sarah Catherine 'Kate' (Wilson) Johnson.
Lake Creek Cemetery.


Sarah Catherine Wilson Johnson (my paternal grandmother.) She was the wife of Eddie Peterson Johnson.
She was the daughter of John William and Sarah Geoarge Wilson. She was born February 25, 1878 and died March 11, 1957. She is buried in Lake Creek, Delta County, TX.

Eddie and Sarah had two babies that died. John W. Johnson - born Sept. 7, 1899. Died Aug. 1, 1900. He is buried in Pierce Cemetery, Delta County, Texas. The other one was born dead - Sept. 17, 1911 and is listed in the family Bible as Little Brother Johnson. So far we have not found his grave but family beliefs are that he is buried in Pierce Cemetery; some of the stones have been moved to the edge of the cemetery. There are other babies buried by John W. Johnson who are our relatives. One was James Wesley Johnson, born 1882. died 1883. Another was Mary Lee Johnson, daughter of J.L. & M.L. Johnson.born 1884. died 1900. Another was Jessie Johnson, son of J.L. & M.L. Johnson, born 1892. died 1900. Another was Burtie Lena Johnson, born 1880. died 1882. Susan C. Johnson, born 6/15/1808. died 10/12/1894 is buried nearby.
James Wesley, Mary Lee, Bertie Lena & Jesse L. Johnson were children of James Lindsey Johnson (Granddaddy's brother) & his wife, Mary Lucinda (Stegall) Johnson.
Susan Catherine (Smith) Johnston was wife of Lindsey Johnston; they were parents of Mary Catherine (Johnston) Johnson Combs. Mary Catherine & Thomas Hardaway Jones Johnson were parents of Eddie Peterson Johnson. Thomas is buried in Mississippi where he died during the Civil War; Mary Catherine and her second husband William Combs are buried next to M. C.'s mother, Susan Catherine Johnston there in Pierce Cemetery.


Jessie Everet Johnson. Born January 13, 1938. Died October 26, 1938. He was a son of James Allen and Jessie Beatrice (Miller) Johnson. He is buried in West Post Oak Cemetery, Lamar County, Texas.