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Tombstones, page 2.

Tombstones, page 2.
Gordon Tombstones
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Kenny Shelton 'Pa' Stone, my maternal grandfather.
Born - April 19, 1877. Died - February 23, 1971. He is buried in the Lake Creek Cemetery beside his wife, Nellie.


Jerry Thomas Johnson (my brother).
Born September 19, 1940.
Died October 18, 1980.
This stone, beside the graves of Kenny and Nellie Stone, Jerry's maternal grandparents, is a memoral to Jerry; he is not buried here. He was creamated. 


Katie Bell (Flowers) Cannada.
Born August 27, 1930. Died October 10, 1989.
She was a daughter of Sue Ann and Cook Flowers, and sister to Mary Ann (Flowers) Minton. 


Mildred and Louie Branch.
Mildred, born May 31, 1908.
Died August 2, 2001.
Louie, born September 3, 1909.
Died February 28, 1978.
They are not related to me (Earl) but they were our friends and neighbors at Lake Creek. Mildred also taught me in grade school and again in high school. Louie was our road commissioner for many years.

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Nellie Gray (Dennington) 'Big Mama' Stone.
Born August 26, 1861. Died March 13, 1943.  


Mattie Lee Craig.
Born April 12, 1912.
Died May 19, 1913. She was a daughter of Susie Eller (Wilson) Craig.


Latanae Long.
Born August 2, 1915.
Died February 28, 1995.
She was not related to me, but she was a family friend and neighbor and also my teacher in high school.


John W. Johnson. Born September 7, 1899. Died August 1st. 1900, and was buried in the Pierce Cemetery, Delta County Texas. John was the first of 8 children born to Eddie P. Johnson and Sarah Catherine Johnson. The other children were: Viola, Sue Ann, James Allen, Wesley Thomas, Harvina, Neomi and a son born dead, named only as Little Brother Johnson in the family Bible.