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Old Towns & Buildings

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Old Towns & Buildings
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Most of these great photo were given to me by Phyllis Carpenter.
In 1906, Phyllis Carpenter's grandparents, Arthur and Eddie Burns Reed, traveled by covered wagon from Lamar County, TX to Marlow, in Indian Territory. Their three oldest children -Eula, Lee and Earlie - were with them. My mother, Eula, remembered the day in 1907 when Oklahoma became a state. Two of my uncles, Floyd   and Paul, were born in Marlow. My grandfather worked for a local undertaker.   There was a train wreck near Marlow and my grandfather told about how terrible it was to walk along the railroad tracks and pick up bodies. He decided that this was NOT the job for him. About 1915, they went back to Texas by train. We know that Ophelia Burns Cypert and her husband were also living in Marlow in 1907 when her mother, Rachel Burns died. Rachel was the mother of William A. Burns who was Pat's and my great grandfather. I think there is a real possibilty that William A. Burns was living in Marlow when he died in 1910 and is buried there rather than in Purdy in Garvin County.


Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.
Members of the Burns family were in Garvin County, OK in 1910 and likely shopped in Pauls Valley.


Bonham, Texas 1908. Fannin County. 


This is the earliest known photo of the town of Lebanon, Missouri in Laclede County.   My Wilson and Askins ancestors were in Laclede County by 1850.


Bledsoe's store, in Cunningham, Texas and what appears to be a newer store beside it.


Texas Pipe Line Company.
Arnold Sta.
West Columbia, Texas. 


Texas Pipe Line Company.
Arnold Sta.
West Columbia, Texas. 


Sulphur Springs, Texas


Judging sheep. Agriculture & Mechanical College.
College Station, Texas.

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 I suspect that some of our family members could be in this picture.   Clarksville, Texas. Red River County.


Home of, Long Staple Cotton.
Clarksville, Texas. Red River County.


This picture postcard is quite old. I would estimate that it was from early 1920's. Cunningham, in Lamar County, Texas.


School: Cunningham, Texas


High school. Ft. Towzen, Oklahoma.


The Plaza in downtown Paris,Texas